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Live music is frequently scheduled with a continual calendar of events to keep you entertained. Here at Bodega we are more than just a restaurant, we are a Coventry event.

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All chemistry assignment, homework, schoolwork, or tutoring can be tedious and stressing for any student especially with all that is required of them at school. When broken down into subjects, it gets even serious. Every student has a subject where they feel that they are strong and others are their weak points. Chemistry is one of those subjects that take up a lot of your time and energy. It needs a lot of dedication since most of its concepts need to be practiced. Finding yourself with chemistry homework can therefore stress you and even leave you depressed. There is however a way or simple steps that can help you tackle your chemistry assignment with ease and save time.

  1. Understand the assignment

One of the major reasons why students are unable to tackle their chemistry assignment questions is because they do not understand them. You cannot possibly do a good job if you are not aware of what is required of you in the first place. The first step is to actually read the instructions. The teacher could have specified that you only answer probably three out of the five questions. Students who immediately jump right into the questions and forget this part will find that they are doing a lot of work that is not required of them in the first place. Next, try to read the questions slowly without attempting them first. See whether you recall what was taught in class. If you do, try to relate it to the question and ask yourself whether you have adequately answered the question. If you are satisfied that you have fulfilled all the needs of a particular question, you can move on to the next question and follow the same steps. In areas where you feel that you do not understand, you can seek help from either your parents or even online.

  1. Gather all information

You will find out that in most assignments especially chemistry, majority of questions are all tied to each other. You will find out that a question has about four to five parts and all are connected. The information needed to answer therefore has to be gathered and analyzed together so as to arrive at a substantive answer. Ensure that you have therefore gathered all information on a question before answering it so as to avoid going back and forth searching for relevant material to help you answer a particular question hence consuming a lot of time on one single question.

  1. Write and proofread

After you have finally gathered all the information that will enable you to write your chemistry assignment, analyze and pick out the correct information needed as the answers to the questions. Each subject has its own unique way in which questions are supposed to be answered and how information should be represented. There is also certain grammar that should be used when defining phenomena and concepts. Ensure that you are using the correct symbols and formulas where necessary in your assignment. After you are done writing, ensure your edit and proofread your work so as to avoid silly grammatical or punctuation marks that could cause you to lose some marks. Some teachers are very strict on presentation hence it is always safe to play on the safe side.


The functions of the Human Resource Management such as recruitment, selection and training define the culture of the organization. The HR activities influence the employees’ behaviors and build the values that promote good organizations culture. The organization culture consists of elements such as environment and atmosphere, compensation procedures, standards and policies, people, and leadership components. Notably, the organization which encourages the employees’ involvement is likely to achieve high cultural values at the different level of management. Through the efforts of HR department, the organization can come up with the proper link between the management styles and the organizational strategies.

Furthermore, HR department provides the required consultative services such as planning and implementation of the major organization changes . The HR has a significant role in managing change in the workplace. For instance, the HR takes leadership roles at all the stages of a change in an organization. Through change, the organization can incorporate new ideas, solutions, and growth in the firm, thus, acting as a breakthrough from the comfort zone and take alternative routes . The organization with appropriate changes strategies embraces business transformational ideas and incorporates the latest innovations in their system, thus, promoting competitiveness.

Human Resource department performs the specific roles in change management which include offering the communication platform, acting as a watchdog, establishing a change agenda, training the managers, proposing the adapted solutions, and predicting emotional roadblocks. The HR leadership monitors different phases of change in the organization. Furthermore, HR department can acquire the expertise and business intelligence and share them with some departments such as marketing and finance. Apart from determining the specific milestone of the organization, the HR leadership anticipates the possible negative reactions from the employees which can deter the implementation of the change. Consequently, the HR proposes the possible solutions to the bottlenecks towards change. While managing the change, the HR must incorporate a different aspect of organization cultures such as structure, training, rewards, and incentives.

To appropriately and successfully implement the organization change, the HR must devise the proper culture based management strategies. First, the organization can propose the correct incentives for the hardworking employees. The compensation must encourage the employees to accept and engage with new instructions which support the change. Second, the management must redefine the cultural values to conform to the newly introduced changes. The change in the organization values and actions can make the employees accept new ways of working in an organization. To ensure that the workers adhere to the new standards, cultural norms, and processes, the management must exercise the authority to reduce the opposition. The level of authority depends on the nature of change and seriousness required for the implementation.

Fourth, the management can shift the burden of change by creating a new structure with transformed processes, workflows, and values. To elaborate, the workers are quicker to adapt to the new environment than oppose the newly introduced changes. Finally, the organization can ensure the successful implementation of new procedures and processes by recruiting the champions of change. To avoid a high degree of resistance from the workers, the management must delegate the work of championing for change to the employees. The HR leadership can recruit the frontline workers who share the information regarding the need for change with their peers. Furthermore, the firm can adopt the strategies for creating a cohesive culture in the organization (Hickman & Silva, 2018). For example, the management can encourage sharing of ideas, empower employees to make personal decisions, promote transparency, and incorporate funs in business procedures.

Amazon strategy for change must embrace newly created online activities which young people supports. To successfully develop and implement change, Amazon must focus on key issues which include integrity, duration, commitment, and efforts. The factors must be in line with the Kotter’s Change Model that describes the elements of the big opportunity. The company must explore the extent to which it can rely on the team managers, supervisors and the staff for the implementation. For the change project to take roots in the organization, the management must determine the strategies of boosting the commitment of the different groups in the company. The implementations team calculates the extra efforts the employees must put beyond their current responsibilities to achieve the change. Finally, Amazon must frequently review the long-term projects to ensure that it achieves the set objectives.

In some cases, the change may not be voluntary. As a result, the organization can face challenges relating to unethical concerns . Due to the dilemma of forced conformity, the employees may resist the organization change. The company management can develop the ethical change initiatives by introducing appropriate organization culture. The organization culture introduces a set of principles, values, and beliefs which determine the conducts of the employees. The managers have the responsibilities of ensuring that the workers behave ethically and in the best interest of primary and secondary stakeholders. The organization set the code of conducts and ethics which guide the behavior of individuals in the organization. Finally, the management must differentiate clearly the ethical and unethical issues in the organization. For instance, the top managers must devise appropriate strategies for solving ethical dilemmas and follow the rule of law.

Invention and innovation are subtle concepts that are often used interchangeably across multiple disciplines. However, the distinction of these two terminologies is important in organizational management and leadership. Ideally, invention is the precursor for innovation . The objective of this research paper is to assess how invention and innovation enhances competitive advantage to an organization. Moreover, the study delves on the various strategies employed by managers in various industries in order to achieve success.

The process of invention largely relies on original ideas for developing new products that are non-existent in the consumer market. These ideas are derived from theoretical frameworks that require critical, and analytical scientific skills. Since inventors’ works from a hypothetical framework, it means that this process requires extensive research before completing the product development. For example, the medical and pharmaceutical industry has a scientific based model for developing a new drug. The model for drug developments are referred to as clinical trials and occurs in four stages. A clinical drug trial is aimed at ensuring that a drug is safe before it can be delivered in the market. Upon the successful completion of these studies, the developer patents the product and is rewarded with a ten year market monopoly. Medical research is costly and therefore manufacturers require longer periods for the product to break even. In some cases involving chronic and communicable conditions affecting large populations, investors might allow other competitors access to their patent. The new entrants in the market are innovators since they usually use the available drug formula to develop newer, improved, and cheaper products. These drugs which are referred to as generics are derived from the brand product and manufactured in bulk. The cost of production for the invention process is relatively higher than that for innovation due to the high budget for R&D. Innovators applies strategic technical, and marketing skills to position a product to the target market segment.


China is one of the most lucrative markets to conduct business. It has a total population of over 1.3 billion citizens and a land mass that is larger as compared to that of the United States (Rudd, 2015). The country is a huge potential market for the foreign manufactured services and goods. However, some of the entrepreneurs experience challenges in identifying the market opportunities in the country. The United States has different reasons for its entry in China. The Citizens have an outstanding work ethic and have a wide array of professional skills. If the United States choose to venture to the country, it will be dealing with competent individuals, who are committed to achieve the set goals. Hence, it will be profitable for its companies to conduct their business in China.

China has been experiencing tremendous economic growth over the last four years. As the economy of the country matures, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will increase resulting from soaring household incomes (Womack, 2016). The economic expansion is attractive to foreign investors to start a business in the country. In overall, organizations have a competitive advantage, which leads to their overall success in the international markets. China is changing into a mass consumer market and might overtake the United States. The country has numerous opportunities for the companies seeking to expand their operations in international markets (Rudd, 2015). However, the management ought to assess the benefits and disadvantages of doing business in China to determine if it is the right market for their products and services.

Article Review

The United States and China signed a trade agreement to open up the Chinese market to the United States. The treaty could lead to new market entry for United States exports to China. Meltzer, (2017) contends that America will resume its beef export business to the Chinese markets. Through the trade agreement, the former agreed to accept imports of cooked chicken from the latter. Xi Jinping, a Chinese president, announced the “One belt One Road” initiative in 2013 (Meltzer, 2017). It was an approach to enhance the economic and social structure in Europe, North Eastern Africa, and Asia as the residing places of about half of the world’s population. Xi Jinping proposed for an improvement of transport infrastructure and to enhance social, cultural, and political ties through the OBOR initiative. Eventually, it would heighten political peace and stability in the world.

President Trump announced that the executives from Chinese and United States companies have signed an agreement to collaborate as a way to enhance trade among the two countries. Meltzer, (2017) has conducted an extensive research on the business deals between China and the United States. Because China has been experiencing economic growth over the last four years, I agree that the United States companies have numerous opportunities to invest in the foreign land. In fact, China is likely to surpass America in overall growth of the economy over the next few decades. However, the executives in the United States should understand the cultural practices in China in order to operate efficiently.

The United States government has signed a multifaceted trade agreement with China. Over the last five years, China has registered an impeccable economic growth. In fact, the number of people in the middle class has escalated. Therefore, the United States has numerous opportunities to export its products to China. Similarly, Chinese companies can invest in the United States resulting from signing of the trade agreement between the two countries. The two are the largest trading nations on a global perspective.